Vasa Previa Plan

Bed rest this weekend caused me to slow down and savor the stillness and beauty around us. Our house sits on a quiet dead-end street. Last night, the frogs sang their nightly melody while piano music spilled from the sound bar. I was still enough to hear the tick-tock of my favorite patina’d clock. And Hannah performed her nightly yoga routine.

Vasa Previa Plan | Pig and Rabbit

I had reached a state of zen.

This morning, the feeling was gone as we drove to the doctor’s office. I was anxious and scared, even though I was closer to getting the much anticipated information.

The doctor confirmed our suspicions: I have vasa previa and the standard of care included:

  • Bed rest/couch rest for the duration of my pregnancy
  • Ultrasound around Week 29/Week 30
  • Steroid treatment around Week 30 to help speed up the development of Hannah’s lungs
  • Hospital stay beginning around Week 30
  • C-Section as early as 34 Weeks

He also informed us that Hannah will most likely spend some time in the NICU while momma bear is discharged.

Whatever it takes.

The doctor assured us that the outcome is usually positive. I prefer a much stronger word than “usually” but we know in our hearts all will be well. Our research shows that nearly 100% of these cases result in a healthy delivery once a diagnoses is reached and the above plan is followed.

Our friends and family are rallying together in support with promises of visits, our favorite eats, house cleanings, setting up Hannah’s nursery or just to lend an ear. The outpouring has been overwhelming, bringing us both to tears. We are so grateful for the amazing people in our lives.

Today, I’m taking it all in. I experienced some tears this morning and continue to get stronger throughout the day. One day, I’ll tell Hannah all about it.


  1. Pam Keidel says

    Dave and Melissa and Hannah, You are all in my prayers! I know God has a wonderful plan for your family. Keep your spirits up and enjoy all the help with love. God bless all, Pam

    • David Bihl says

      Thanks Pam! We are definitely focused on the positive and grateful that we caught this problem and we have a plan to get around it. Have a great day and thanks again so much!

    • says

      Thank you, Pam :) We appreciate the thoughts and prayers and remain hopeful. We know in our hearts in just a few weeks, Hannah will be here, safe and sound. We look forward to meeting her! Hugs!

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