DIY Wooden Family Wall Art

This weekend, I decided to summon the Domestic Goddess within. Like a sleeping dragon, she only awakens when disturbed.

Like staring at an empty wall.

That’s disturbing.

The Pig and I whipped together a piece of wall art, modifying a tutorial from the talented ladies at Shanty-2-Chic. They’ve got a lot of awesome DIY projects on their blog.

DIY Wooden Family Sign

We placed the wall art on the kitchen table and surrounded it with picture frames of various sizes and designs, moving them around in Tetris fashion until we had the look we desired.

From concept to creation, we centered the family sign on the wall and mounted the photos around it.

DIY Wooden Family Wall Art / Sign from the Pig & Rabbit

Photos of our family coming soon…

If you want to make your own wall art, here’s what you’ll need:

Hardware Store Items (like Home Depot or Lowes):

  • 1×4 furring strips
  • 1×2 wood strip
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Minwax Wood Finish in Jacobean
  • 80-grit sanding block

Craft Store Items (like Michaels or Jo-Ann’s):

  • Wooden Letters (I bought ours at Jo-Ann’s)
  • Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Heirloom White
  • Americana Paint in Raw Umber
  • Foam brushes
  • Ook 1-Hole Ring Hangers (or hanger of your choice)
  • Vaseline

DIY Wooden Family Wall Art / Sign from the Pig & Rabbit

We spelled out the word family on the 1×2 furring strip with our letters and marked the length we desired with a pencil. Because we don’t own an electric saw of any kind, we got jiggy with it, using a little elbow grease to make the cut with a jig saw. You’ll need to cut two boards of the same length. Our boards measured 27.5 inches.

Apply the 1×2 wood strips (or other wood scraps; we used paint stirrers) to the back of the boards using Gorilla Glue to hold them together. Follow the instructions on the bottle of glue for drying time.

Family Wall Art | Wooden Sign | DIY | Pig and Rabbit

Once the glue is dry, apply the wood stain to your boards. The stain will need about 24 hours to dry before you can attach your desired hangers. We measured and attached two Ook 1-hole hangers.

Family Wall Art | Wooden Sign | DIY | Pig and Rabbit

Use your foam brush to apply the Americana paint to the wooden letters. You only need to apply paint to the areas you’d like distressed (i.e. the corners and edges). I paint the entire letter because I’m a spontaneous distresser.

Allow the paint to dry. I used the Shanty-2-Chics distressing technique by applying a light layer of vaseline to the areas I want distressed. You can check out additional photos and instructions on their blog.

Once all the letters have been thoroughly moisturized, it’s time to use your top coat: the spray paint in heirloom white. The letters may require two coats.

When your letters are good and dry, distress them with your sanding block. Keep at it until you’ve achieved the desired look.

You’re almost done!

Position your letters onto your boards paying attention to spacing. Once they’re where you want them, adhere the letters one-by-one with Gorilla Glue. Allow to dry and wah-lah! Your wall art is ready to be hung.

DIY Wooden Family Wall Art / Sign from the Pig & Rabbit


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