Bed Rest Survival Guide

This weekend, I’ve been laying low until I get the chance to meet with my doctor and come up with a vasa previa management plan. Davey’s so thoughtful. He went to Bordines this morning and picked up a hummingbird feeder and a couple of bird feeders to place outside the window so I can enjoy some bird watching while I rest ♥ ♥ ♥.

Bed rest survival kit | Hummingbird feeder | Pig & Rabbit

Bed rest survival kit | Birdfeeder | Pig & Rabbit

Davey went online and we listened to bird songs to see if we could identify the species. It was fun and funny as we imagined a community of birds perched on our lawn, attracted to the call.

I love what Davey’s mom texted me after I sent her a photo of our new bird feeders:

“I guess you’ll be catching up on the bird community. They have new feeding holes and you’ll get to witness their beauty in motion. Nature is miraculous. This may be just the time set aside for you to enjoy their splendor.” 

We are heeding her advice and taking this opportunity to slow down and savor the stillness and beauty all around us.

Making Lists

With the advice of my friend, Karen, I started preparing a Bed Rest Survival Guide and other lists should a hospital stay be imminent. It’s made the possibility of a five-week stay (or longer) at Beaumont, as well as quiet days at home, sound fun.

Scrapbook | Maternity Book

Last year, I found an awesome Photoshop template for a maternity book. I’ve been working on Hannah’s book a little bit at a time ever since we learned I was pregnant. Here’s a couple of sample pages from the book:

Maternity Book | Digital Scrapbook | Photo Book

Maternity Book | Digital Scrapbook | Photo Book

Maternity Book | Digital Scrapbook | Photo Book

Gratitude Journal

I’m excited to begin the daily practice of gratitude, especially if me and the hospital bed are going to become better acquainted for a few weeks. It will provide a soulful window of what’s going on in our lives.

One of my favorite artists, Kelly Rae Roberts, hung up a piece of paper on the fridge so her family can practice gratitude daily, something we’ll adopt here in the near future. Love it, Kelly!

Daily Gratitude Practice

More Bed Rest Activities:

  • Blogging, of course!
  • Catching up on reading
  • Designing baby announcements
  • Creating mixed tapes for friends :)
  • Organizing files & folders in Aperture
  • Knitting
  • Writing in my new quote journal
  • Watching movies
  • Practicing photography
  • Pinning

I’d love to hear your ideas!! Feel free to share in the comments section below.



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