Happiness Jar

happiness jar

We have a happiness jar sitting on our kitchen counter, a glass apothecary number to hold notes and momentos of special times shared. It’s currently filled with chocolate and while they certainly provide moments of happiness, they’re generally temporary, especially if I add inches to the waistline because of said indulgences. So until we begin […]

The Mama Tribe

The Mama Tribe | Pig and Rabbit

September 20, 2013 Sara and I hootle and tootle down I75 in my husband’s dream car: a taupe Honda Odyssey. Buy it and they will come, Davey said (they being our children). And she came, sweet Hannah Lou, all hail the baby hauler. It’s playing its part today, with Eva and Hannah, 23 days apart, […]

My Dirty Little Secret


A year ago this month, I was 26 Weeks pregnant with Hannah and learning to accept the fact that I was on couch rest with Vasa Previa. My To-Do List only partially completed, I slowly and painfully let go of my strong desire to get things done and embraced the art of life in the […]

Hannah’s Birth Story Part II: in the NICU

Hannah's Birth Story | In the NICU | Pig & Rabbit

I knew at Week 26 we were going to have a c-section. So the advice came early and continued until the day of delivery: get up and walk once you’re in recovery. Walk through the discomfort. Walk when all you want to do is lay in bed and eat ice chips. It will help with […]

Hannah’s Birth Story

Hannah's Birth Story | Pig and Rabbit

July 23, 2013 Davey and I woke up at 4:30 am to Jack Johnson singing Banana Pancakes. Today is the day!!  If I wasn’t 35 weeks pregnant and hooked to an IV, I would’ve jumped out of bed and moon walked across the faux wood floor. We have waited a LONG time for this day […]